You can reach me at:  
Or call me on:   701 910 5277 (0) 44+
Or connect with me on:  

To see if there is a fit, we'll need to dicuss:

  • Information about your organisation to give me some context
  • A summary of what you think you would like my help with
  • An indication of the budget and resources that will be available
  • Any important dates if your project is time sensitive


  • Always interested in hearing about new opportunities
  • On site contract work availability requires at least two weeks notice
  • My working day is eight hours between 8am and 6pm - health comes before work
  • I do not work on projects that involve or for organisations that are involved with:
    • Firearms
    • Big pharma
    • Tabacco
    • Racism
    • Extremism
    • Homophobia
    • Exploitation
  • I love working on projects that:
    • Improve peoples lives
    • Have a positive impact our planet
    • Leverage cutting edge technology
    • Make things more efficient
    • Raise awareness and educate


  • I live and work in Penryn, Cornwall
  • Speculative meetings outside of Cornwall are considered on a case-by-case basis